Gallery 1

A reissuue tweed thermometer case for a Tele, Broadcaster, Nocaster or Esquire. 

The customer chose to have the case sealed and lacquered and all the bright brass hardware was aged.                                                                     There are several steps and layers to the process with stains and wear introduced along the way.                                                                              It should be noted that there have been many case emanufacturers with differences in materials.                                                                          Therefore, not all tweed coverings react the same and there can be variations in color and final                                                                                appearance. 

Mild edge wear and polishing, cigareette burns and an authentic 1948 amp                                                                                                               logo which had been polished, was reworked to simulate the correct age. 

Originally bright brass, the lock now shows years of use.  The simulated leather handle was aged as                                                                          much as practical, so as not to cause damage.  The alternative is to replace the handle with an old one.

Who can resist old coffe and beer stains? 

Mild string, neck and knob staining to the interior.

We even aged a pair of new Cheney keys and put them in an old envolope. 

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