Services & Pricing On CUSTOMER'S Cases*


Tweed Guitar or Bass Cases,                                                                 Thermometer or Rectangular, IncludingLifton 

Light to Medium Relicing/Aging                                                            $250.00 to $275.00 

Heavy Relicing/Aging                                                                           $300.00 to $350.00 

Original vintage Bakelite handles  (No warranty due to age.)                 $100.00

Interior Aging (Optional and N/C With Above)

Original manufacturer's labels (Lifton, Bulwin, Ess&Ess, etc.)                 $100.00 to $150.00  (As available)        

Stenciling, Decals, Stickers,Etc.                                                             Contact for Quote   

Tolex Guitar or Bass Cases,                                                                  Thermometer, Formed or Rectangular

Light to Medium Relicing/Aging; Hardware & Exterior Only                  $250.00 

Heavy Relicing/Aging; Hardware & Exterior Only                                 $300.00

Stenciling, Decals, Travel Stickers, Etc.                                               Contact for Quote

Original vintage Bakelite handles  (No warranty due to age.)                $100.00

Lifton "Samsonite Blue" handle treatment                                             $25.00

Original manufacturer's labels (Lifton, Bulwin, Ess&Ess, etc.)                 $100.00 to $150.00  (As available)  

Interior Aging (Optional and N/C With Exterior Aging) 

Restoration of Lifton, ESS & ESS, Geib, Stone           Contact for Quote

Amplifiers                                                                 Contact for Quote

Services include Relicing/Aging, Tinting, Lacquering & Hardware Ageing on an Empty Cabinet or Small Amp


 Customer pays incoming and outgoing shipping and insurance. 


 PayPal accepted.  Prior to shipping we will email photos of your case, if you wish, to be sure it meets with your approval.

*Some completed cases may be available for sale.  Please click on For Sale link or contact for info.


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