Gallery 8

This is one of our more ambitious projects.  We aged and reliced a Gibson supplied Les Paul case and replaced the entire interior with an authentic and original late 1950's Lifton interior from a salvaged case.  The guitar is ours and not for sale.  Transplanting an interior takes significant time.  Contact for a quote.  The customer was very pleased as this case will house a handbuilt 1959 Les Paul. 

We relined the salvaged case, which fits a Gibson or Epiphone 16" to 16 3/8" archtop or similar, with a bright pink lining and the original Lifton label.  The interior will be aged to the buyer's preference.  

Here's the salvaged case.  The second image shows it stripped of the interior.  All the seams were reglued after stripping.  The case is now as structurally sound as when it was made.  The third image shows the bottom set in place, prior to permanently attaching.  The raised "E" in the         lid has been removed so the case can house a Gibson, Epiphone or many others.  The bottom and lid were relined.  The original silk hinge covers were kept.  A new lid stay had to be made.  The lid and bottom valences are replacements and the original accessory compartment was saved       and recovered.  The original Lifton label was reinstalled.  The interior has been very lightly aged (last image)  and is slightly darker, in person,   than the picture would lead you to believe.

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