About Us

"They look great!"  

Bill Nash, the Master of aged and reliced guitars.


The company owner is a former musician and a 30-year music industry veteran, having operated a successful chain of full-line music stores in upstate New York.  During that time he had the opportunity to handle thousands of used and vintage instruments and "got the feel" for what a real aged or worn case looks like.  We can now take that experience and apply it to an area that, up to now, has been ignored, even by the major companies who have been in the forefront of instrument relicing and aging. 

The multi-step process is slow and requires many hours of hands-on work.  Some operations, like the oxidation of hardware, may take several days, or even longer, to achieve the desired results.

At right is a Fender tweed thermometer case recently completed.  This would be light to medium aging.  Note the added original 1950's Bakelite handle.  We do more of this case than all others combined since it's appropriate for Telecaster, Esquire, Broadcaster and Nocaster. 

We are very pleased at Bill Nash's comment after looking at our cases; "They look great!"  Thanks, Bill.

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